With a Little Help From My Friends…

God is not on vacation.  God did not even take a nap.  So why is it that so many of us feel we have to take care of everything all by ourselves?  There is help for us all the time.  All we need to do is ask.  It is not important what your belief system is.  We can all benefit from a little bit of help.  I was once told that there are always enough angels.  That is God or Creator or The Universe’s gift to us all, and if there are not enough for some reason, the agreement is that more will be created to assist us.

The message I am getting loud and clear at this time is that we are forgetting to ask for help.  We are living in amazing times when much is changing and much is challenging.  We are doing the very best we can at this moment, and yet we can do better.  This is how.  Remember you are not alone.  You have plenty of help just waiting for you to ask. The image I get is of large numbers of our angels and guides just standing around us waiting to be called upon.  They are our greatest supporters, our biggest fans, they adore us and are willing to do whatever they can to assist us.  The trick is we have to actually ask for help.  Free will prevails.  We cannot get assistance without asking for it.  So I challenge you today, right now:  whatever is on your heart, on your mind, or otherwise getting your attention, stop for just a second and turn it over.  You can call upon angels, God, Creator, The Universe, your guides whatever feels right to you and ask for assistance, guidance, clarity, help.  Surrender. Turn it over, release it and let it go.  Trust that the solution will be presented to you, the opportunity will be brought to you in person or will come to your thoughts, unbidden.  Then feel the gratitude for the assistance and the answer to your request being fulfilled already.  A little gratitude goes a long way.  This does not mean we stop living our lives and hope everything will be taken care of for us.  No.  We are here in a physical body for a reason.  We are meant to be living our lives, learning, loving, growing and assisting one another.  We continue to do what is immediate and situational, moving forward on our path, following our hearts.  This is a tool.  A gift for the road, if you will.  It is just that so many of us have forgotten it is here for us.  Always.  It is a never-ending supply of love and support.  We can all use a little assistance, especially right now.  Let’s do us all a favor and ask.

I would love to hear back from you to know how this worked for you!

Sending you love and blessings on your path.

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Picture courtesy of Krista LePiane

6 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends…

  1. Kind of eerie to sign on and see this. I JUST asked the universe for help–I’m so overwhelmed. And immediately got a phone call I needed. And then saw this post…..Consider this comment as both gratitude for posting this, as well as a message to the universe: please–I truly CAN’T do it all. I’m utterly open to and in need of help. Thanks for posting this right now, Kim.

    • Dear Lori,

      What a lovely little miracle or two you got between the phone call and the affirmation from seeing this post as well. That is the Universe letting you know that you are not alone and your prayers are being heard! Way to go! Keep asking for help! Thank you for your kind words. You (and anyone else who needs to hear these messages right now) are the reason I am putting these posts up, I so appreciate you leaving a comment. Thank you. Sending you love and blessings… and a little help from your friends!

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