Who me, worry?

Waking up here in sunny San Diego this morning listening to the birds singing and a distant dog barking it is hard to imagine what a different picture our friends and family on the East Coast must have weathered last night and woken up to this morning.  I went to bed praying for a gentle night, for the storm to have the smallest negative impact.  I was praying for the powerful, swirling mass of wind and water to stay predominately over the ocean and to cleanse and clean in the most gentle way possible.   That was all I could do.

Did I worry.  No. Why not, you say?  There was reason to worry.  Yes, indeed there was.  This was a massive hurricane headed towards densely populated parts of the United States, the potential for disaster was immense.  What more could I do?   Would worrying have helped in any way?  I am telling you no.  Worry is not a powerful tool.  It saps you of your energy, it robs you of precious time you could be contemplating something else, it can impact your sleep and your health if you practice it too often.  At best, worry is a prompt.  I use it as a reminder.  If I find myself beginning to worry about something or someone, I take that as a reminder to pray.  In prayer, we are actually surrendering.  We release our concern and trust that there will be a beneficial outcome, no matter if we recognize it as such in the moment.  If I am worrying about something I am holding on to it, when I pray about something I am releasing it.

I am not suggesting for a second that anyone who is in the path of a hurricane just stay at home and pray to be kept safe.  I would pray to be kept safe, but I would also be following all the precautions and suggestions.  I would be getting to a safe place, getting stocked up with food, water, flash lights with batteries and candles etc…  I would do everything in my power to be safe and then pray.  That is what I am talking about.  Sitting around worrying about a hurricane about to hit me or anyone else is not helping anyone.  I am suggesting that we can make better use of the energy and attention we give to worry for the benefit of us all.

Name one problem which has been solved or resolved with worry.  Can you?  I would suggest that we can solve problems by thinking about them, but that we are most effective if we release it, turn it over, ask for assistance and continue to go about our lives.  Then the solutions and answers can come to us.  When they do, if we have truly been able to release our hold on our worry, we will be in a place where we can act upon the solution.  Where we have slept well and we are fresh enough to  recognize and apply the solutions as they come.  We don’t have to pray for a specific outcome.  Let God, The Universe, whatever Higher Power you are comfortable with assist, unhindered by your limitations, in resolving the situation and presenting solutions for you.

Yet another storm has passed.  It is just one of many physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual storms we all weather in our lives.  Some will pass closer to us than others.  May we be grateful for the many gifts and blessings we have today and everyday and pray for those who are suffering that their suffering be eased.  May you have a blessed day.

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