The Truth Shall Set You Free

What is it in your life that you are bumping up against?  We all have areas we are working on and growing into.  It is an ongoing process.  We continue to do this until we leave.  I say embrace the process, it is a sign you are still living life.  We are meant to be enjoying our time here.  Any state which is not one of peace, harmony, love or otherwise centered and calm is a reminder that there is something trying to get your attention.  Often we are not aware that we are not seeing the truth of what is.  The title of this essay, and the old saying, ‘The truth shall set you free” is another wink and reminder.  If you are not feeling free, buoyant and happy, perhaps you are not seeing a truth.  Sometimes we deny the truth unconsciously.  How is that?  How do we unconsciously deny a truth?  It can be that we do not want it to be the truth.  This is a good coping mechanism, at one level of evolution.  If we aren’t capable of handling what is.  This is fine temporarily, if we are under undue stress or we have too much going on at that moment to take in what is.  However, if we are wanting to grow, evolve, and live in joy, peace and harmony, denying the truth is not a tool we want to use for long.  It causes us to continue to bump up into that which is making us uncomfortable, miserable, or suffering and keeps getting our attention, not to punish us, but remind us we are missing something.  It is like a persistent knock on the door.  Evolution will continue to knock on your door.  Until you get up and answer it, and face what is staring at you there, you will not be able to move on and you will continue to be wounded and to wound others around you, unconsciously.

That is the part that might get your attention.  It is not all about you.  Is it time for you to put on your big person panties and open the door?  I would tell you that the truth is actually not a big, old, hairy monster which you cannot handle.  That is our inner child who had to at some point face something which was too big to handle which stirs up that feeling in us.  I would tell you, you are all grown up now.  You are capable of handling the truth.  There is no big, old, hairy monster at your door,  the truth is more like a comfortable friend.  The truth is knocking.  Why don’t you get up and let it come inside?  Invite it in for tea.  Let us see what the truth is, and become comfortable with whatever that is, and you will be amazed at what peace will follow, maybe joy even.

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May you have a splendid day.  With Love and Peace, Ease and Grace and Joy and Gratitude.

Photo Courtesy of Krista LePiane

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