Thank you Kim!  I had been in excrutiating pain in my liver/gallbladder area for months with little to no relief until we had our sessions.  With your expert guidance and support, I was able to take full responsibility for my healing.  After 4 sessions with you, I am pain free and my life has opened up.  I was able to remove “blockages” that were hindering my path.  I feel a sense of peace in my life where there was congestion and disruption before the sessions.  You truly have a gift.  I cannot possibly thank you enough for your guidance and support through this difficult time in my life!!
Kris Iselin-Bradley, Reiki Master, Nutrition and Health Coach, Artist El Cajon, CA

Kim gently guides you to what needs to be worked on. It’s a very light and easy process with large and beneficial results. The process is filled with joy and lightness. It took me awhile to feel the difference but when I thought through the changes in me I was truly amazed.
Cheryl Street, Artist, La Mesa, CA
Thank you, Kim, for the amazing “new work!” Your work is grounded in pure Love.  I felt wonderfully supported and protected throughout the process. It felt effortless, like a bright and loving light illuminated my hidden cobwebbed nooks and crannies then cleaned them instantly. When we did the work, it felt so easy and natural, that I underestimated the impact it would have.  It’s hard to explain the changes in my life, it is as though a reset button was pushed and my life is now so new and different.  I’m on a new path.  I think differently, my choices are healthy and loving.  And these profound and unexpected changes that have happened in my life started with the work you did. I know there is more to write, I’m just not coming up with the words…
Much Love to You!!
Vaden Stewart-Albin, Healer,  Tucson, AZ
Kim is a consummate professional and deeply compassionate soul. In working with her, I can state that I experienced a deeply moving level of spiritual love and respect as she gently nudged me forward into uncharted territories. You will discover aspects of soul memory that will forever change your life’s view and facilitate a progression of vibration that can only be partially described in words outwardly. “Playing in the Light” is an experience that one does not want to overlook and I can highly recommend that you consider allowing Kim to assist you on your journey. You will not regret one moment of this soulful experience.
Cathy Veazey, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Healer,  Charlottesville, VA
Where do I begin?  Kim LePiane is my “spiritual shoulder.”  Kim has done “work” with me for years.  Whenever I need clarification, closure, healing or just some kind of comfort, her work has helped to get me through and move forward in peace.  She is one of the kindest souls I know and her work is powerful.  I would not hesitate to recommend her and her work to everyone I know.  She is fabulous!
Amy Wise, Author, Speaker, Life Coach, Chula Vista, CA
I have been working with Kim LePiane for many years because I trust her implicitly.  Her insight and ability to hold sacred space create amazing results and shifts.  The most recent work we did,  has been the most powerful yet. She helped me work through and heal deeply embedded belief systems that originated in childhood and past lives.  Because of this shift, and almost immediately, the man who showed up in our vision work called me after meeting him once 6 months earlier.  As Kim put it, I had some work to do so he could come into my life. For that, I will always, truly be grateful.  The unconditional giving and receiving of love in this relationship reflects the new belief of self worth and the balance of masculine and feminine energy within me.   Kim’s heart and intentions are so pure and full of love that you can feel the hand of God working through her.
Robin Arrieta, Reiki Master, Healer, Austin, TX