Your Piece of Peace

The piece you nP5110031eed for peace today is to uncover what is being buried. Something is being suppressed right now. You are reminded to look in the dark recesses of your heart and shine a light on whatever was troubling you so much that you locked it away. This process is akin to pulling a band-aid off quickly. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to sit with whatever it is that was too big to face when it was ‘up’ for you. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Look at this event from a different point of view. Remember that everyone is doing the very best they can, given the information and awareness they have. Even you. It is time to forgive. To forgive yourself. To forgive someone else. To release the energetic, emotional charge around this situation. You can do this in a few different ways. You can write a letter to that person and read it aloud to the Universe, then burn it up releasing all the stored pain and energy with the smoke. You can close your eyes and see yourself hugging the other person involved in the situation and releasing all the bottled up energy. Let all the emotions well up and out and be released as you release that person.

Love yourself. Love the circumstance for all the blessings which have come to you since it occurred. Release the angst, and you no longer need to suppress the event. Take a moment, breathe in the love and appreciation, and breathe out the grief and sorrow. Repeat. You will be lighter and feel more free. That is where peace resides. Embrace your piece of peace today.

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