New Year Message from The Angels, Guides and Masters

IMG_2985Today seemed a great day to get a message for us all from The Angels, Guides and Masters for the coming year. I drew three cards for what will be important for us to hold in our hearts and what will assist us as we move through this new year. We are forging new tracks. The image I get is fresh footprints in virgin snow. We have never come this way before, and though others may follow, we are definitely making our own way.

The first card is The Lover’s card.  Reminding us that this year it is possible for everything to begin to fall into place. That we will have the opportunities to connect with even more of our soul family, for love as well as for friendship and collaboration. We are ready to step more fully into our path and purpose, so be paying attention to what excites you and gets your juices flowing for your next steps. Love is always the answer and everything is in perfect order.  It is our job to look for the clues to understand how this is so when all does not appear to be perfect. We are ready for the next step. We have earned this. When we follow our heart we are doing exactly what we are meant to be doing at this time. In honoring ourselves we are honoring our connection to God, which is our guideline to fulfilling our life’s purpose. When I see this card I hear, “Everything’s coming up roses”.

The next card which comes up is The Fool card and the message I hear is, “Above all follow your heart.” Be The Fool for Love. Honor your heart. What you are guided to do does not have to make sense to anyone but yourself and your Knowingness. As you listen to your inner voice and follow the path you are guided to, the input from others falls away and becomes insignificant.  This is not an easy way to go. It may take some practice, but the more you follow your heart the easier it is to do and the rewards are tremendous.

The last card for us right now is Silence.  May you make some quiet time for yourself each day. You can light a candle and pray in the morning. You may feel called to meditation, or have a ritual at the end of the day to connect.  No matter how you do this, make sure you take time to both send and receive. That is, take time to listen to the quiet whispers of your soul, your angels and guides are there to assist you. As you take more time to listen, there will be more information to be received. Find ways to acknowledge this information, with gratitude. This will affirm the communications and influence how more communication will be brought to you.

There is such great potential for all of us at this time.  Make no mistake, we are here now for a reason. May we all make the most of it! Happy New Year with Love and Blessings to you!

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8 thoughts on “New Year Message from The Angels, Guides and Masters

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. Everyone can turn this into their own personal way to interpret it. It is very meaningful for me. Thanks again and Happy New Year!! 🙂

  2. I love the possibility of everything falling into place for everyone. How wonderful would that be to see everyone get to finally take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. Thank you for this blog entry and reading!

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