New Year Abundance Blessings

IMG_2072Sending you blessings for this new year!! You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. You are totally loved, healthy, wealthy and wise. You deserve plenty of everything. If there is any lack in your reality, you are ready to make the shift to total abundance, now.

Of course you would like total abundance in love, health, wealth and wisdom. So what could be holding you back? If the desire is there and the evidence is not, there is one area you might be getting in your own way. If you are have any underlying beliefs about yourself, about the world or about others which are not in alignment with total abundance for all, you may be holding yourself back. Everyone has hidden beliefs. When you want something which has not yet materialized, this could be the cause.

How do you uncover a hidden belief? By noticing what is not a match for you in your life, then noticing your thoughts around that subject. As an example, if you would like financial abundance, but you believe people who are wealthy are not honest, or you resent them having money and not you, this could be an example of an underlying belief blocking your financial abundance. Looking for underlying beliefs in areas which you notice you are out of alignment is the first step towards making a difference in your life. Changing these thoughts and beliefs to those in line with how wonderful abundance is, will assist you to bring more abundance into your life. Begin to celebrate your abundance now!

Blessings to you for this wonderful, shiny, new year!!

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