May We Honor One Another

There is so much to say and nothing that can be said.  As I pray and contemplate the events which took place last week, I am reminded to put things in perspective.  What is truly important?  Love.  Love is important.  Sharing love.  Giving love.  P4190016

As we are moving through these energies heading towards the solstice and the beginning of the next phase in our evolution I am reminded to keep my heart open.  To ask for assistance.  To be grateful.  To remember how precious this life is and to have compassion for each and every person.

May we all remember to treat one another with kindness, love and respect.  May we give one another the benefit of the doubt and forgive.  May we hold in our hearts good will towards all our relations and remember we are related to all.

Look around you for the moments.  The opportunities to spread love, to be kind, to forgive, to be grateful.  These are no small acts.

In this way we honor those who have passed, one another and ourselves.  We are here to bring Peace on Earth, beginning one heart at a time.  May we each begin within.

Ready.  Begin.

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Photo Courtesy of Krista LePiane

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