May Message from the Angels, Guides and Masters

IMG_2507This is the first of May. This year is flowing by so swiftly. As I am aware of that I am also aware of how challenging this time is for so many. Many are feeling they are in the mix and many of us are offering our services to be of assistance to others at this time. This means most of us are affected by these swiftly moving change energies.

Things appear to be more broken up than they actually are. It will serve us to remember we are not separate or disconnected from one another or All That Is, at this time or any time.

Many of us feel we have to put ourselves or our own lives or goals on the back burner right now. This is a false idea. We are actually doing our work and living our lives all the time. There is not separation, there is no stopping actually. We may perceive we are out of the flow or apart from our work or what we feel we are here to do, but it is all One. Remember you are living here NOW and whatever you are doing is part of that greater work.

At this time with all that is going we may find we are traveling to be of assistance. We may find we are being called to be of assistance to others more than is usual. This is all normal given what is going on right now. Just remember you are not alone, call upon help. Angelic and human to do what is being asked of you. Take care of yourself first. When so much is being asked of us, in so many areas, it is easy to let our boundaries slip and to get out of balance and feel out of sorts with ourselves and the world at large. Be sure to self care, even as you care for others or your own important issues right now.

We may also find ourselves putting our defenses up or resorting to old ways of dealing with challenging relationships and we are being reminded that the old reactions will get the old responses and if you want a new outcome, it is time for a new solution. Try something new, shift your expectations and ideas about outcomes! Be ready for miracles!

The over arching theme for this month and all that is going on is HEALING. For ourselves, for systems, for paradigms we are all assisting in bring about tremendous healing and thank you for doing your part.

Sending you Love and Blessings at this time and always. This is a general reading for May. I am blessed to commune with Angels, Masters and Guides daily. This is my life’s work, pinch me! If you would like a personal reading please contact me to set up an appointment

Photo Courtesy of Krista Le Piane all rights reserved

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