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IMG_4131Yippee! Wahoo! Yay! Can you feel it? We have just about completed our first month of this new year and the energy is wonderful. The ideas are flowing, we are tuning in and getting information and making things happen. We are finishing the last piece to a very big puzzle. A puzzle started long ago, which we got some momentum going on last year. If you have been paying attention and moving forward in this energy, you are feeling fresh and energized and excited and everything seems to be falling into place. Even when it is not, it seems everything works out okay at the end of the day. If you are here, that is wonderful! Give yourself a pat on your back. Well done! It is so exciting to see what will be coming next!

So…what if you are not feeling this fabulous, wonderful, momentous energy? What then? Well that is just a clue. A clue for you to realize you are missing the boat. The good news is it is not too late to get on that boat! Your very heart is calling to you, imploring you to find your way to what you love! It is time to get creative about getting into the exciting momentum. Put some time, attention and energy into something which lights you up.

Look at where you are.  Embrace what you love and let go of what you don’t love. In this way you grow the garden you want to have. If not now, when? You have this life, this go around. Grab for the brass ring! It is a glorious ride. Enjoy yourself along the way. Have fun!! That is the message from our guides and angels this week! Realize all you have accomplished so far. Feel into what you are loving and give that your attention. Let the other areas go… or find what makes them great. There is no right or wrong here. You have every right to play in the fun zone of your life. Unless that just doesn’t sound good to you. If that’s the case, find your own fun and live your best life now.

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