Is Time Flying by You?

Does it seem as though you have too much to do?  So much to do and so little time.  It does in fact seem as though time is flying by.  It is already getting into the latter part of October and before you know it we will be into the Holidays and then, Boom!  It will be 2013.  My intention is not to rush the rest of the season and the year by us now.  Not at all.  In fact, I have a tip for you.  To assist you moving through this busy time, and even enjoying yourself while you do it.  Are you ready?

Slow down.  Now that may seem like the opposite of what you need to do when you are up to your eyeballs and there is much too much to do to possibly get it all done.  Take a few minutes.  Take a deep breath.  Take another.  Take a third.  Find your calm center.  Focus your attention in the middle of your chest and take a moment to feel what is going on in your heart.  Take a deep breath.  Find the peace.  Quiet your mind and let the peace fill you.  Ahhhh.  There it is.  We all carry this peace with us, wherever we go.  We often forget to tap into it.

As we zoom through our lives we miss the magic in the moment.  Whenever you need to shift gears, take a few minutes to slow down, tap into your heart and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.  Listen to what your heart has to say.  You will get more done, you will be more efficient and actually feel more peace.  As you listen to your heart more and more you will find that there are things on your to-do list which are ready to fall away.  People or things which are no longer a match for you, and are taking away from what you love to do and what you are meant to be doing.  Focus your energy upon the things which make you happy.  Pay attention to what makes your heart sing.  This is not a one time deal, this is a way of living.  You can do this.  We live one moment at a time.  Make each of yours count.

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Photo courtesy of Krista LePiane

5 thoughts on “Is Time Flying by You?

  1. So true Kim. I have been blessed to have 6 weeks to do this on my latest adventure in Cape Cod. It is a joy to witness for me to slow down. Thanks for the reminder.

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