Giving Thanks Today and Every Day

Each day is another opportunity  to celebrate what we are thankful for.  I love that we have a national holiday devoted to gratitude.  For most of us this day is marked by a good meal shared with loved ones and hopefully there is at least a wink and a nod to what we are thankful for.  I would like us all to consciously bring more gratitude and love into these days, the rest of the coming season, and even weave it more into our daily lives. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Holy Day Season, literally and figuratively.  If you think about most religious traditions nearing the end of the year, they almost all involve some form of Light.  That is a wink to all of us about the reason for the seasons, bringing our Light to the darkest days of the year (for the Northern Hemisphere).  Bringing Light into the darkness is a metaphor for what we are here to do, Shine our Lights of Love and Joy.  Everyday.  During the Holy Days, no matter what your beliefs are, we transform these days into joyous celebrations with loved ones and sharing our gifts in all the ways we do.  As we  go about our days, may we infuse all we do with love, kindness and gratitude.  We are here to be love, to share love and joy with one another and to practice our passions, each and every day.  That is how we bring more love, joy and Light grounding it into the world.  Keep up the good work!   May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and coming Holy Day Season.  With love and blessings to you and yours.

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