New Year Abundance Blessings

IMG_2072Sending you blessings for this new year!! You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. You are totally loved, healthy, wealthy and wise. You deserve plenty of everything. If there is any lack in your reality, you are ready to make the shift to total abundance, now.

Of course you would like total abundance in love, health, wealth and wisdom. So what could be holding you back? If the desire is there and the evidence is not, there is one area you might be getting in your own way. If you are have any underlying beliefs about yourself, about the world or about others which are not in alignment with total abundance for all, you may be holding yourself back. Everyone has hidden beliefs. When you want something which has not yet materialized, this could be the cause.

How do you uncover a hidden belief? By noticing what is not a match for you in your life, then noticing your thoughts around that subject. As an example, if you would like financial abundance, but you believe people who are wealthy are not honest, or you resent them having money and not you, this could be an example of an underlying belief blocking your financial abundance. Looking for underlying beliefs in areas which you notice you are out of alignment is the first step towards making a difference in your life. Changing these thoughts and beliefs to those in line with how wonderful abundance is, will assist you to bring more abundance into your life. Begin to celebrate your abundance now!

Blessings to you for this wonderful, shiny, new year!!

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April Fool! April’s Message from the Angels, Guides and Masters

IMG_2072Just when we thought we were beginning to get some momentum going, it is not as easy as we thought it might be. Here are some tips to assist in moving through these new energies much more rapidly. We have great potential given the tremendous assistance and shifts happening right now. It is the beginning of Spring. The season of rebirth and new beginnings. Look to nature for our clues about what types of energies are surrounding us. The birds are singing, the leaves are unfurling, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, babies are coming.

The tools to assist us through these next few days or weeks, to invite in the ‘new beginnings’ energies are simple. Really. The first hint we have been given is to let go of the past. Let go of any hurts or victimization from past relationships. Cry like a river, if you need to, let the emotions flow through you and let them go. Forgive those who have wronged you. Surrender your anger to a Higher Power. Look at the stories you have told yourself for so long about certain people you have relationships with and let it all go, like so much garbage goes out on trash day. Let the giant garbage truck pull up to the street and pick up your overflowing cans. It is time to let go of the old ways you have been in relationships, the old anger and hurts you feel you have suffered. Who is the fool? We are. For thinking for a minute that it matters who was right or wrong, or who wronged who and why or how. Most likely we are all just doing the very best we can at any given time, so forgive and live.

The second tip we are given for this month is that we do not have to armor up or fight our way or compete in any way to be successful. This goes against so much of what we have been taught. No longer is the paradigm a ‘me first’ model, rather it is about cooperation and empowerment. I encourage and assist you and we both succeed. Put down the old ways of ‘me first’ and begin to think more about how ‘we’ can do this even better. If two minds are better than one, imagine if two hearts are working with those minds! Now that is success!

The last reminder we have this month is that we are all exhausted and we don’t even know it. Exhaustion has become the norm, so much so that we don’t even know we are exhausted. Exhaustion ought to be a fleeting experience. We overdo, we get exhausted, we stop and rest. Done. So many are living their lives with their energy tank on empty and they don’t even know it. This reminder is to stop. Take a moment. Relax. Take care of yourself. Make some quiet time just for you and chill. You can do this. You have permission from the Angels, Guides and Masters. I know you have been taught differently. That is okay. We are learning a new way of proceeding. It benefits us in so many ways if we take the time to quiet down and recharge. It is a tool to assist us to be the best we can be. If we forget to take care of ourselves then we are squandering our most precious resource, ourselves.

Take these tips to heart and you will find yourself feeling more light and free. You will be bouncing down the bunny trail again before you know it. It is time to set down the April Fool and move into more awareness. We are learning new ways of Be-ing, it is not an overnight process. These are easy tools and tips which will assist us to move quickly into synchronicity with All That Is. That is a fine place to be.

Sending you love and blessings for the coming weeks!

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With Love and Peace, Ease and Grace, and Joy and Gratitude.

Photo Courtesy of Krista LePiane. All rights reserved.

March Message From The Angels, Guides and Masters

IMG_2072For many March has roared in like a lion. Many of us have had colds and flu and are just finally feeling like ourselves again. We have been called to be on our own maybe from the weather or how we were feeling, most of us have had some time to ourselves. This was all by design to get us ready. Our bodies have purged and cleared and been prepared. For what you may ask. That is a very good question.

The message for this month is to remember our connection to Source/God/Creator/The Universe/Divine Love/All That Is/The Great Mystery and remember we are Eternally Loved. There is a Source of Love that is never ending that we are all a part of. If you take a moment to drop your awareness down into your heart you can feel this Calm Center of Love and Peace we are all connected to. We are never separate from it, but we often get in our own way, we forget.

There are many ways we forget, and these are some of the ones to be on the lookout for this month. We have been under attack before, we have had to armor up and be ready for the next blow. That is not the case at this time. Set the defenses down and drop into your heart. From this place you remember you are connected to The Divine and All is Well, your responses and interactions will be more in line with Creator. In this case your head is not serving you.

We may get in our own way as we are faced with sorrow in our lives, in the lives of those we love, even in the world. Indeed there is enough to be sad about that we could be swallowed whole by the grief. That is not our purpose here and now. Drop down into your heart. We are a part of Divine Love. It is our birthright. We are here to have compassion for those who are going through their struggles from a place of Calm Center, Knowing we are connected to All That Is. We are Always Divinely Loved, All Connected to Source, Creator, God. We all have access to that Love and Peace but part of the human experience is that we forget. We are here to remind one another. To hold that space of Divine Love for others as they go through challenges, grieving, sorrow we remind them of their amazingness, their connection to Source, The Angels, and All That Is. Point out the ways you see them walking in grace and honor them. Allow them their process. Do not to get down in the grief with them. We all visit grief and sorrow on our own journey. We are not of service to any if we wallow in grief, our own or someone else’s.

Another challenge we face which interrupts our connection to Divine Love is by trying to do to much. By taking charge and controlling any situation. This is a very delicate dance. We are meant to be of assistance, we are meant to do our work, and we are also meant to let go, surrender and trust. We interrupt our connection to Spirit when we are too capable, too much in control. We are meant to do enough. How do we know the difference between doing enough and doing too much? Very easy. How is it working for you? How does it feel to you? How are things going? If you are feeling peaceful, easy, loving, joyful, graceful… you are in the flow. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. You are in balance. If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, worried, uncomfortable, angry those would be indicators that you are not in the flow and it is time to surrender. Turn it over, pray. Ask for assistance from God and The Angels, your Guidance Team. They are here just waiting for you to ask for help.

One more way we forget is by isolating ourselves. Sometimes we think we can handle it all. We forget to turn to others. Just as we give we are meant to receive and others are actually here to assist us and remind us of our greatness, how loved we are and that we are connected to Source. We always have been and we always will be. Surrender and ask a friend or loved one to help.

These are a few of the hurdles to be looking out for this month. We are meant to be out in the world, interacting with one another, living, loving and enjoying this beautiful planet we live on. We are meant to do our very best to bring peace on earth and good will towards all men. In like a LION out like a lamb. By the end of the month our opportunity is: Can we forget what we know in our heads when it no longer serves us and drop down into our hearts and remember what we truly KNOW?

Sending you all immense LOVE, so great we cannot measure it. Blessings for the days ahead. All is Well. Peace and Love, Kim

I get to commune with Angels, Guides, Masters and Ancestors on a regular basis. This is my job. Pinch me! If you would like a message from your loving team of Angels, Guides, Masters and Ancestors please contact me here  and make an appointment for a session.

Photo Courtesy of Krista LePiane. All rights reserved.

February Message from the Angels, Guides and Masters

photo-8Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is the essence of Creator, Source, God, The Universe. The Angels, Guides and Masters all radiate this Love to us constantly. Our greatest purpose is to love. It is our mission to love ourselves, realizing that we are a spark from Source so everything about us is lovable. Love yourself first and nurture your relationship with Creator, then take care of your relationships with your family and loved ones. We are here to love one another. It is important for us to be kind, loving and respectful in all our relationships.  This is easy for most of connections, but there are often exceptions. Remembering self love, some people in our lives may only be possible to love from afar. Love is always the answer. This is the recipe for peace on earth, beginning one heart at a time. Starting in each of our hearts.

You have the opportunity to remember that you are part of something bigger than yourself as often as you would like. You are part of The Ultimate Source of Love. You have the ability to connect to this Love at any time. You are at your most powerful and capable when you remember this and incorporate this into your daily life. This connection is not sustained 24/7 rather it is brief and fleeting and requires a conscious effort on your part, regularly. Do not judge yourself if you find you forget from time to time, that normal. Take that realization as another opportunity to Remember.

Each one of us is reaching a new level of maturity, another level of living our wisdom. Take a moment to notice the areas you have already improved greatly. Compare where you were a year ago, or five years ago to see your progress and give yourself a congratulatory hug. You are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work. This maturity has come from your efforts, and you get to reap the benefits. The more we evolve and grow, the easier our lives become, the more smooth and natural our lives unfold. Notice the ways you have improved, adding ease and grace to your life.

Most of us are not aware of the tremendous transformation we are going through. It is important to take care of yourself, include lots of rest and relaxation. It would be good to get away for a bit right now, for a day, a weekend or a week or more. Make some time to slow down and be quiet. We are ‘recalibrating’ and quiet time is vital to this process. During times of transformation water is of great assistance . Drink plenty of water, it would be good to get in water, and get yourself to the water. The ocean, lakes or rivers are all opportunities to be cleansed by water. Getting in that water would be wonderful, but if that is not possible, just being nearby is beneficial. It is also a good idea to move your body, a 30 minute walk daily is a good option. Continue to be gentle with yourself, don’t over do. Another way to care for yourself is to eat ‘close to the earth’, paying attention to where your food is coming from and that it be as close to it’s original state as possible. Blessing and giving gratitude for your food is another good tool. Listen to music, find whatever music lifts you up and add some music to your daily life. When we are in transition, often our moods fluctuate and music is a good way to brighten even the gloomiest of moods. These are all ways for you to take care of yourself during this time of transformation. It is a good idea to incorporate these methods for taking care of YOU into your daily life. Likely you are already doing some or all of these things. Add one or two new ones to your routine, and you will be happy you did. Congratulate yourself for the progress you have made in this way and in all ways.

The Angels, Guides and Masters have one last reminder for us all. If you have forgotten that you are totally abundant, now is the time to remember. Look around you for all the ways which affirm your abundance. As you realize your abundance: in love, in blessings, in health and well being, in comforts, take a moment to send your gratitude for all these gifts. As you give gratitude for all the ways you feel blessed and abundant that is one way to bring even more into your life.

We are dearly loved. I am blessed to get to commune with Angels, Guides, Masters and Ancestors on a regular basis. This is my job. Pinch me! If you would like a message from your loving team of Angels, Guides, Masters and Ancestors please contact me here and make an appointment for a session.

Many blessings and much, much love to you all.