April Fool! April’s Message from the Angels, Guides and Masters

IMG_2072Just when we thought we were beginning to get some momentum going, it is not as easy as we thought it might be. Here are some tips to assist in moving through these new energies much more rapidly. We have great potential given the tremendous assistance and shifts happening right now. It is the beginning of Spring. The season of rebirth and new beginnings. Look to nature for our clues about what types of energies are surrounding us. The birds are singing, the leaves are unfurling, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, babies are coming.

The tools to assist us through these next few days or weeks, to invite in the ‘new beginnings’ energies are simple. Really. The first hint we have been given is to let go of the past. Let go of any hurts or victimization from past relationships. Cry like a river, if you need to, let the emotions flow through you and let them go. Forgive those who have wronged you. Surrender your anger to a Higher Power. Look at the stories you have told yourself for so long about certain people you have relationships with and let it all go, like so much garbage goes out on trash day. Let the giant garbage truck pull up to the street and pick up your overflowing cans. It is time to let go of the old ways you have been in relationships, the old anger and hurts you feel you have suffered. Who is the fool? We are. For thinking for a minute that it matters who was right or wrong, or who wronged who and why or how. Most likely we are all just doing the very best we can at any given time, so forgive and live.

The second tip we are given for this month is that we do not have to armor up or fight our way or compete in any way to be successful. This goes against so much of what we have been taught. No longer is the paradigm a ‘me first’ model, rather it is about cooperation and empowerment. I encourage and assist you and we both succeed. Put down the old ways of ‘me first’ and begin to think more about how ‘we’ can do this even better. If two minds are better than one, imagine if two hearts are working with those minds! Now that is success!

The last reminder we have this month is that we are all exhausted and we don’t even know it. Exhaustion has become the norm, so much so that we don’t even know we are exhausted. Exhaustion ought to be a fleeting experience. We overdo, we get exhausted, we stop and rest. Done. So many are living their lives with their energy tank on empty and they don’t even know it. This reminder is to stop. Take a moment. Relax. Take care of yourself. Make some quiet time just for you and chill. You can do this. You have permission from the Angels, Guides and Masters. I know you have been taught differently. That is okay. We are learning a new way of proceeding. It benefits us in so many ways if we take the time to quiet down and recharge. It is a tool to assist us to be the best we can be. If we forget to take care of ourselves then we are squandering our most precious resource, ourselves.

Take these tips to heart and you will find yourself feeling more light and free. You will be bouncing down the bunny trail again before you know it. It is time to set down the April Fool and move into more awareness. We are learning new ways of Be-ing, it is not an overnight process. These are easy tools and tips which will assist us to move quickly into synchronicity with All That Is. That is a fine place to be.

Sending you love and blessings for the coming weeks!

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With Love and Peace, Ease and Grace, and Joy and Gratitude.

Photo Courtesy of Krista LePiane. All rights reserved.

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